ABC News & Good Morning America Take CIGNA to Task Over Long Term Disability Insurance Denial

In case you missed it Good Morning America did a segment in April (2008) on Susan Kristoff, from West Palm Beach, Fla., who suffered from potentially deadly form of breast cancer. (We blogged it earlier.) She applied to CIGNA for payment of her long term disability insurance benefits and was repeatedly denied. Click to watch the original video.

After ABC started investigating for its segment on TV, CIGNA paid the claim. As a result of the Good Monring America show, dozens of other people called or wrote to ABC to report similar stories. You can read about this, and even watch the follow-up video on the ABC website by clicking here.

We deal with these denials every day. And, it’s not just CIGNA we battle with. We have similar cases against MetLife, Unum, Standard, Hartford, Aetna, and others. Hopefully, this ABC report will cause these insurance companies to think twice before denying claims without a full and fair investigation of the facts. AK

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