Alzheimer’s Cases Projected to Triple in Next Forty Years, With Care Costs Exceeding $1 Trillion

The American Academy of Neurology published a report in its journal Neurology predicting that many more people than previously thought will become disabled by Alzheimer’s disease, the total number reaching 13.8 million by 2050 and costing more than $1 trillion a year to treat. See, “Alzheimer’s cases, costs, projected to swell.”

“The growth in new cases – especially as baby boomers pass the age of 75 – will put pressure on generations behind them to provide massive amounts of care,” writes Los Angeles Times reporter Joseph Serna.

The federal government is spending hundreds of millions to fund research for development of drugs to treat the disease. The National Alzheimer’s Project was founded in 2011 to ask public, private and nonprofit groups to come up with treatment plans and ways to help caregivers tasked with the overwhelming responsibility of caring for family members with Alzheimer’s. This is all important work.

But for now, one of the few resources many rely on for the expenses of care, other than family and friends, is long-term care (LTC) insurance. And even people who have LTC insurance often have to fight for benefits. Nothing can be more frustrating, or even devastating, than when you are not able to obtain the LTC insurance benefits from a policy you have paid premiums on for years.

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