As Suicide Rates Increase, Insurers Make It Harder to Get Treatment

Earlier this year, Cynthia Koons and John Tozzi published a startling article that included statistics such as:

In 2017,

  • 47,000 Americans died by suicide.
  • 70,000 from drug overdoses.
  • 3 million adults suffered at least one major depressive episode.

Following the startling statistics, Koons and Tozzi shared the devastating story of DeeDee Tillett and her son Max. Max, at the age of just 21-years old, died shortly after he was forced to leave a treatment center sooner than he should have after his insurer (UnitedHealth Group) denied continued benefits. No one ever should have to suffer such an unnecessary loss.

The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (“Parity”) passed more than a decade ago and it requires insurers to provide coverage for mental health the same as they would for physical health. Yet, as the article and Max’s story show, and as far too many of you know, insurers continue to deny claims, limit coverage, and find other loopholes so they avoid complying with Parity. This not only prevents people from getting treatment so they can recover, but it also results in the ultimate cost: the loss of precious lives.

We encourage you to read the entire article, which can be found HERE

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