California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones Speaks at a Southern California Reelection Fundraiser

On November 17, 2013, Lisa and Glenn Kantor hosted a reelection fundraiser for California’s Insurance Commissioner David Jones. Mr. Jones was elected in November 2010 and leads the California Department of Insurance (DOI), the largest consumer protection agency in the state. The DOI regulates the $123 billion insurance industry in California. Mr. Jones is seeking reelection on the November 2014 ballot.

At the fundraiser, Mr. Jones gave, addressed several hot topics regarding insurance – including the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the various companies that have elected to participate in California’s health insurance marketplace. Mr. Jones touched on several other topics of interest, including what the DOI is able to regulate and how insurance companies maneuver due to the separation of the DOI and the Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) – the agency California established to regulate HMOs.

Mr. Jones participated in a question and answer session following his speech. Those in attendance asked questions about several of the diverse areas impacted by insurance. Mr. Jones displayed his understanding of the complex and often unintended ways in which laws and regulations drive insurance practices in the free market – sometimes to the detriment of consumers, insurers, or both. Mr. Jones shared several examples of the ways he has worked with California’s legislature and insurance company CEOs to ensure that an efficient, robust, and healthy insurance market exists in California.

Commissioner Jones is truly a representative of the people of California. Insurance companies are sure to put up a lot of money to try and unseat him. Please make an effort to vote next November.

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