Check Out CreakyJoints: One of the Most Popular Rheumatoid Arthritis Communities in the World

It all began from a college dorm room bunk bed in 1999. Seth Ginsberg, President and Co-founder of CreakyJoints, has been living with a form of arthritis called Spondyloarthropathy since age 13. His mother has been affected as well, living with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Needless to say, with two family members living with rheumatic disease, Mr. Ginsberg recognized the need for more resources. “As a freshman in college, I badly wanted to share strength and experience with others who are going through similar situations, so along with entrepreneur Louis Tharp, we created the model for CreakyJoints.” Together, they began to understand the importance of raising awareness, providing education and resources, and creating a place to support those with similar experiences.

CreakyJoints is an online Arthritis Community with a huge following. This special and innovative organization provides a sense of community for people of all ages, shares news and resources, and offers support (mixed with uplifting humor) for those who want to live a full life, despite their illness. Creaky Joints has an active membership of 55,000 registered members and initiates between 10,000-200,000 weekly unique conversations about many different arthritis-related subjects.

The Global Healthy Living Foundation (GHLF) is the official parent non-profit company of CreakyJoints, with the mission to improve health outcomes with education about chronic disease management, as well as to help people overcome barriers to care. GHLF has several advocacy initiatives including Fail First Hurts and Healthy Biologics.

While Arthritis is often thought of as an illness that afflicts only the elderly, this “age” myth is inaccurate and has been incredibly difficult to correct. The truth is, Arthritis can affect anyone at any age and can be extremely painful and debilitating. It is important to understand that the rheumatic disease umbrella is not limited to Arthritis, including diseases such as: Osteoarthritis (OA), Juvenile Rheumatoid / Idiopathic Arthritis (JRA / JIA), Lupus, Gout, Psoriatic Arthritis (PA), Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), and Spondyloarthropathy, and according to some, even Fibromyalgia. Other disease-specific communities have stemmed from CreakyJoints, including”RedPatch” for psoriasis (, and”CreakyBones” for osteoporosis and bone health (

CreakyJoints provides a great deal of resources for members including:

• Patient education, including videos about disease management, the treatment landscape, and psycho-social support.

• Advocacy channels such as “Fail First Hurts” or “Healthy Biologics” for patients to engage with the policymakers and other stakeholders, whose policies or regulations impact our access to care.

• Blogs with clever names and positive attitudes: Hurt Blogger, Ethereal Ceral, Ms. Meniscus, and RA Guy.

• Health advice with answers from doctors, information on healthcare and insurance costs, face-to-face support groups.

Those living with an “invisible disease,” such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, often find themselves struggling to convince their insurance company that they require treatment. Instead of focusing on healing and wellness, many devote time and energy to explaining and proving their condition to their insurer. Although this illness cannot always be visibly observed on the outside, the pain and discomfort experienced is very real.

“Most of the legal issues that CreakyJoints members face are specific to accessing care through commercial insurance companies,” Explained Mr. Ginsberg. “Patients do not have the legal recourse that they should otherwise have when being denied a medication or a procedure, and suffer medical consequences as a result.”

It is unfortunate, but not uncommon, for these types of illnesses to be completely disabling- affecting a patient’s joints and organs. In addition to denying specific treatments, insurance companies have become notorious for denying long-term disability claims. This is where we come in. Kantor & Kantor is one of the most experienced and highly respected law firms dealing with the prosecution of claims against insurance companies. We represent clients whose insurance companies have failed or refused to pay claims arising out of Disability insurance claims. We understand the needs of many CreakyJoints members, and are proud to be working with this organization to offer our support and advice to those experiencing legal issues. Additionally, you can find Kantor & Kantor as a regular featured blogger for CreakyJoints on insurance matters.

If your long term disability claim has been denied, contact Kantor & Kantor for a no-cost consultation, and visit CreakyJoints for an incredible environment full of comical and mood-lifting support, helpful resources, and all the latest information on Arthritis.

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