Commencing an Arbitration Against Anthem Blue Cross

Almost all of the health insurance plans issued by Anthem Blue Cross of California include a binding arbitration clause that requires members to arbitrate any dispute under the rules of the Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services (“JAMS”), a private arbitration provider. The insurance plans also state that, if a member wants to initiate arbitration, they should send an arbitration demand to the following address:
Anthem Blue Cross P.O. Box 9086 Oxnard, California 93031-9086
It has been our experience, however, that Anthem does not respond to arbitration demands sent to this Post Office box. Therefore, while we suggest that any member who wants to arbitrate a dispute with Anthem first consult with a lawyer, if you do want to arbitrate the dispute yourself, we suggest that you send your arbitration demand directly to JAMS and include the following address for Anthem in your arbitration demand:
Anthem Blue Cross 21555 Oxnard Street Woodland Hills, CA 91367
JAMS will then send a notice to Anthem that an arbitration demand has been received. JAMS procedure for initiating an arbitration is explained on its website, where you can also find a form for an arbitration demand:

If you have any questions about this arbitration procedure, please contact Kantor & Kantor at (877) 783-8686.

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