Commissioner Dave Jones Appoints Advisor to Oversee Public Participation in Rate Hikes

Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones is following through on his campaign promises to California consumers. On July 18, the commissioner announced that he has appointed Ed Wu, an enforcement attorney and six-year veteran of the DOI, as the new Public Advisor to assist the public with the Proposition 103 intervenor process, which allows consumer groups to intervene in proceedings for insurance rate increases and decreases. See, “Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones Announces New Public Advisor to Assist Consumer Groups.”
“A nationwide consumer group has found that Proposition 103 has saved California consumers more than $68 billion,” said Commissioner Jones in a press release announcing the appointment. “Consumer groups are an essential part of the process of determining the right rate for insurance companies to charge consumers. Early in Proposition 103’s implementation, former Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush actively discouraged consumer groups from participating in the process. The intervention process requires significant analytical work, and I am confident California’s consumer groups can help the Department of Insurance save even more money for insurance consumers.”

For more information about Proposition 103, established by California voters in November 1988, or the intervenor process, follow this link: Proposition 103 Consumer Intervenor Process.

Consumers interested in the intervenor process can reach Mr. Wu at 213-346-6635 or send an e-mail to

We continue to support Commissioner Jones and applaud his dedication to protecting California policyholders.

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