Conseco Senior Health, SHIP, Transport Life, American Travelers Life and Others, May Not be Paying What They Should For Home Health Care

Do you, or does someone you know have a Long Term Care Policy from a n insurance company that refused to pay benefits? Was that denial based upon the fact that the agency providing care was not”licensed” or”approved?” We are seeing this more and more, and we are suing these companies on behalf of our clients.

The insurance companies twist the language of these policies so as to argue that care providers must be licensed by the State of California. The fact is, however, California does not require licensing for certain classes of care providers, and they couldn’t get licensed by the state even if they wanted to! Most of these policies contain provisions which pay for”Home Health Care Services,” or services from a”Home Health Care Agency.” Sometimes, the benefits are characterized as”Personal Care Services” or”Instrumental Activities of Daily Living.”

Companies we’ve seen denying benefits on grounds the agency is not licensed include Conseco Senior Health, Senior Health Insurance Company (SHIP), Transport Life, American Travelers Life and others.

Don’t let these companies get away with not paying you benefits! Call us. We don’t charge for an initial interview, and if we take the case, it will be on a contingency, so you won’t have to pay attorneys fees on an hourly basis.


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