Do You Have a Supportive Doctor?

There is almost nothing more important to a successful disability claim than a supportive physician. At every point of your claim, you will need the help of your doctor. At the initial claim, your doctor will be asked to complete a form certifying that you are disabled and providing detailed information about the symptoms you have that prevent you from performing the duties of your occupation. She will also be asked to provide your restrictions and limitations that prevent you from working.

If you have been awarded disability benefits and you are “on claim,” your insurance company will ask your doctor for information on your condition as it periodically investigates whether you remain disabled under the terms of your policy.

You will need a doctor who is willing to fill out forms sent by the insurance company. More importantly, you will need a doctor who understands that if she is too quick with these forms and does not pay attention, noting that you “can sit frequently” when she means you are fine to sit at home on your sofa and does not intend to say you are fine to go back to work can be enough to get your claim denied.

These forms are designed to get information from the doctor that signifies whether you are or are not able to return to work and your doctor must be careful with them.

You will need a supportive doctor at the appeal stage of a claim. We need doctors to respond to insurance company doctors’ reports and to write letters of support. We need doctors to complete questionnaires that help to establish your disability. Your treating doctor’s medical opinion is key evidence in proving your disability.

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