Has Insurance Coverage For Your Explant Procedure Been Denied?

We are interested in talking with women who have:

  • Had the explant surgery
  • Were denied coverage by one of the below insurers, and
  • Paid out of pocket.

Kantor & Kantor, LLP is a (contingency) law firm with a mission to get insurance benefits paid.  Our co-founding partner Lisa Kantor has built a national reputation for holding insurance companies accountable in key areas such as mental illness and eating disorders. Lisa and senior associate Cari Schwartz have been speaking with a handful of women, even in the last two days, about the difficulties of getting their explant procedures covered by insurance, especially under a Federal law called ERISA.  Please note this is not a message about product liability matters.

If you have been denied explant procedure coverage by any one of these companies, we want to see if you would be interested in a conversation with Cari.

  • BCBS of Illinois
  • BCBS of Montana
  • BCBS of New Mexico
  • BCBS of Oklahoma
  • BCBS of Texas

Additionally, we would like to hear from any and all women in California who had the surgery, were denied, and were forced to pay out of pocket.

Our goal is to put together a few different class actions that would cover as many insurers as possible and thereby help a large number of women.

If the above applies to you or someone you love, please call 877 783 8686 or use our ONLINE FORM.

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