Health Care Rate Hikes Will Go into Effect If Californians Do Not Act Now!

Most Californians do not know that unlike auto, property and casualty insurance, the Insurance Commissioner does not have the authority to reject excessive health insurance rate hikes. Since 1988, when California voters approved Proposition 103, the Insurance Commissioner has saved California consumers billions of dollars every year in excessive premiums on their auto, property, and casualty policies. Extending these protections to health insurance and managed care plans is long overdue. Assembly Bill 52 gives the Insurance Commissioner the authority to overrule excessive health insurance rate increases and gives the Department of Managed Health Care the authority to reject excessive HMO rate increases. This is one of the pieces missing from the federal health care reform legislation.

This critical piece of legislation is schedule to be heard during this legislative session. The Legislators need to hear from all Californians who are concerned about continually rising health insurance rates. Listed below are the Assemblymembers who sit on the Assembly Health Committee. Please call their office and let them know that the continually rising health insurance rate increases are unsustainable and that you support AB 52.

Assembly Health Committee members:

Bill Monning, Chair (D) — (916) 319-2027 Dan Logue, Vice Chair (R) — (916) 319-2003 Tom Ammiano (D) — (916) 319-2013 Toni Atkins (D) — (916) 319-2076
Susan Bonilla (D) — (916) 319-2011
Mike Eng (D) — (916) 319-2049 Martin Garrick (R) — (916) 319-2074 Richard Gordon (D) — (916) 319-2021 Mary Hayashi (D) — (916) 319-2018
Roger Hernandez (D) — (916) 319-2057
Bonnie Lowenthal (D) — (916) 319-2054
Alan Mansoor (R) — (916) 319-2068 Holly Mitchell (D) — (916) 319-2047 Brian Nestande (R) — (916) 319-2064 Richard Pan (D) — (916) 319-2005 V. Manuel Perez (D) — (916) 319-2080 Jim Silva (R) — (916) 319-2067
Cameron Smyth (R) — (916) 319-2038
Das Williams (D) — (916) 319-2035

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