Horizon Blue Cross Settles New Jersey Eating Disorder Class Action

Late last month a New Jersey federal court approved a class action settlement requiring Horizon Blue Cross of New Jersey to expand benefits for its 1.5 million policyholders with eating disorders, reports the New Jersey Law Journal.

As a result, Horizon can no longer limit treatment it covers to 20 outpatient visits each year and only one month of hospitalization, and 556 patients will split a $1.2 million award. Horizon agreed that in the future it would treat eating disorders the same it would other biologically based mental illnesses.

The article points out that the settlement provides insureds substantially the same benefits they were set to receive in January when the U.S. Mental Health Parity Statute becomes effective.

Although in California, state law provides a much broader mental health parity statute, people with eating disorders often must run a procedural gauntlet to get carriers to pay for residential treatment. In a recent Kantor & Kantor case, the plaintiff paid for her own treatment while a federal judge required an appeal to the California Department of Managed Healthcare which punted the case to the California Department of Insurance, which then sent the case to an outside reviewer for independent analysis. While the review resulted in a ruling favorable to the plaintiff, the time spent obtaining it was detrimental to the patient’s recovery.

Class actions such as the New Jersey case against Horizon draw attention to the disparate treatment people with eating disorders – mainly women – receive from their health insurers. We hope California takes note and revises its procedural quagmire, which proves to be simply another stalling tactic and roadblock carriers can take advantage of to intimidate their customers.

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