Inappropriate Reliance on Video Surveillance by CIGNA

Our client was a Manager of the Creative Services Department at an international marketing company. Her job required her to travel extensively, direct employees and perform a range of management tasks. In 2001, she was rendered totally disabled from her job, due to failed back syndrome, extreme pain, and the need for heavy narcotic medication. Her doctors found her totally disabled from her job, and CIGNA paid her disability benefits for 8 years, until they abruptly terminated her benefits, on the basis of limited surveillance. Although the surveillance did not depict our client performing any tasks inconsistent with her disability, CIGNA relied upon the surveillance to terminate benefits.

We appealed this decision on behalf of our client and after prosecuting this appeal for over two years, CIGNA finally overturned its benefit termination. Fortunately for our client, she has an “own occupation” policy, such that CIGNA is obligated to pay her disability benefits unless she is capable of returning to her “own occupation” of a Creative Services Department Manager, an impossibility, according to her doctors.

Most insureds are not aware of the fact that most group Long Term Disability Policies have different definitions of disability at different time periods. Often during the first 24 months of a disability, one need only show the inability to perform the material duties of his or her”own occupation.” After that initial 24 months, the standard of proof becomes more difficult and the burden then becomes proving that you cannot perform the material duties of”any occupation.” This is just one of the quagmires to deal with when making a disability claim.

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