Kantor & Kantor Wins Appeal to Department of Insurance in the Matter of Shepard v. United Healthcare

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about United Healthcare’s benefit denial for a young woman who’s life is being threatened by her Anorexia.

Sacramento Bee healthcare writer Carrie Peyton Dalhberg reported June 14 about our client and her stuggle (Shepard v. United Healthcare) – “Woman Struggles to Escape Anorexia’s Grip.”

Because of the health plan’s delaying tactics in providing benefits, Ms. Shepard’s family exhausted its financial resources paying for her inpatient care. Our appeal to the California Department of Insurance was successful – United Healthcare was held responsible for Ms. Shepard’s medical expenses. The ruling came a few hours too late, however. Ms. Shepard had been discharged that morning. Ms. Shepard participated in outpatient care after her return, which proved unsuccessful. The article details the tragic result.

Litigation in this case is ongoing. We continue to fight for benefit payments on behalf of people suffering from disabling illnesses and conditions against insurance companies whose delay and deny tactics toward their own policyholders cause hardship and despair.

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