Lisa Kantor Speaks at a Congressional Briefing in Washington D.C.

On April 12, 2011, Kantor & Kantor partner, Lisa Kantor was one of five speakers in a Congressional Briefing in Washington D.C., entitled “Addressing Eating Disorders Through the Federal Response to Eliminate Eating Disorders Act.” This Briefing was sponsored by The Eating Disorders Coalition in cooperation with Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA).

The”FREED” Act is the first comprehensive eating disorders bill in the history of Congress that provides needed action for research, treatment, education and prevention of eating disorders. The Act recognizes that eating disorders are serious and life threatening, but that with adequate and appropriate treatment people do and can recover. That Act also requires research, education and prevention so that we can better understand, treat, prevent, diagnosis and intervene early with eating disorders patients.

Click here to read Ms. Kantor’s speech.

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