Lisa Kantor to Participate in Live Q&A About Insurance and Eating Disorders

The International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals will stream an encore of Kantor & Kantor partner Lisa Kantor’s 2011 symposium presentation How to Document Evidence Based Treatment to Maximize Insurance Reimbursement, followed by a live teleconference call with Ms. Kantor Tuesday, Sept 27, 200, at 7 pm ET/6 pm CT/5 pm MT/4 pm PT. The presentation reviews insurance carrier criteria for treatment of eating disorders and explains how evidence-based treatment records can be documented to best maximize the client’s available insurance benefits.

“A provider’s treatment records are the foundation for establishing medically necessity for admission and continued treatment,” says Ms. Kantor, who has been recognized as one of the top lawyers in the country representing policyholders denied benefits for treatment of eating disorders. “Evidence-based treatment records must show plans of care, symptoms, and objective evidence that satisfy an insurance company’s criteria for admission and continued care.”

Although only IAEDP members may participate in the live session, nonmembers and others unable to attend may submit questions about insurance benefits for eating disorder treatment to Rachel Teicher at before, during and after the live session.

IAEDP members may register for the call by following this link:

The 90-minute presentation is available for preview through this link:

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