LTC Guild Launches Campaign to Educate Public About Extended Care Options

The LTC Guild, a forum for long-term care insurance agents, recently launched its “3 in 4 need more” campaign to educate consumers about the number of Americas over 65 who will likely require some type of long-term care service in their future. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, that’s about 70 percent of us.

The focus of the campaign is to highlight why long-term care insurance is such a necessity. Medicare will NOT cover most of the long-term care services the majority if us will need. Right now, long-term care is the only safety net for most people. In the highly unlikely event long-term care coverage becomes part of federal healthcare reform, that option may still not pay for the quality of services that a private plan would.

We support the LTC Guild’s public awareness campaign.

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