Never Assume a Life Insurance Company is in the Right if it Denies Your Claim

At Kantor & Kantor, we see the same scenario over and over again.   An individual submits a claim to a life insurance company, seeking to receive the life insurance benefits due to them resulting from the death of a loved one.   However, instead of a check, the individual receives a letter from the insurance company telling them why they WON’T be receiving any benefits.     The beneficiary is shocked, but feels helpless.  

The insurance company must know what they are doing, RIGHT?   

The insurance company wouldn’t negligently or intentionally fail to pay which should be paid, RIGHT?

The insurance company knows the law and would never refuse to comply with the law, RIGHT?


Many states, particularly California, provide a great deal of protection to life insurance beneficiaries, beyond what might be contained in the actual insurance policy.    Consumers need to avail themselves of these protections.   

Life insurance companies (such as Aetna, Cigna, Prudential, MetLife, Lincoln, SunLife, Transamerica, and others) will frequently deny what we believe to be clearly payable claims in order to save money.   Our belief is that they close their eyes to critical facts, or refuse to consider the laws which compel claims to be paid.   They will often interpret their policy terms putting their own interests ahead of that of their insureds.    Why do they do these things?   Because they get away with it so often!    Individuals who receive denials from life insurance companies often feel the insurance company must be right, and/or they feel they can’t fight a multi-billion dollar life insurance company.    So what do they do, they do NOTHING, allowing the insurance company to get away with not paying a claim, which should have been paid. 

Just recently, we had an individual call us to seek our help after receiving a denial of a $500,000 life claim.   The individual had already consulted an attorney with a long history of fighting insurance companies, but no experience specifically with life insurance claims, who told the insured there was nothing that could be done.  However the other attorney was 100% wrong.    Not being an expert in life insurance, she didn’t know that the claim was payable.  After looking at the file for 20 minutes, we were able to step into the case, and get the full claim paid, with interest and attorneys’ fees.    

There is only one way for individuals who have received a denial of a life insurance claim to fight back.  They need to consult with an attorney who has extensive experience in handling life insurance claims under both State and Federal Law.    If a denial of a claim is just accepted by the insured, or the insured doesn’t get the best possible advice, the insurance company may well get away with improperly denying a valid claim.   We handle life insurance claims under both California State law, and under the complex scheme of ERISA which governs most employer-provided life insurance policies.

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