New Fibromyalgia Blood Test Could Provide Strong Objective Evidence for Diagnosis

Imagine waiting up to five years for doctors to diagnose your painful, debilitating illness. Try to imagine each day waking up to relentless and widespread body pain, sensitivity to touch, tremendous fatigue, and cognitive difficulties. Imagine night after night of restless sleep…and still no clear diagnosis.

Fibromyalgia, one of the most common chronic pain disorders, affects an estimated 10 million Americans, yet the illness has remained incredibly difficult to identify and diagnose. Common measurement tools rely on patient histories and self-reported symptoms, and without tests specific to detecting fibromyalgia, it has been challenging to find objective evidence of the illness. What does this ambiguity mean? A delayed and painful diagnosis journey for patients, challenging cases for physicians, disbelief of the authenticity of the illness within the community, and even an unfair, but convenient way for insurance companies to deny disability claims.

Recent research findings, however, could change everything. A new blood test, described as the first definitive blood test for fibromyalgia, detects protein molecules in the blood called chemokines and cytokines at a reported 99% accuracy. According to Bruce Gillis, MD, founder and CEO of EpicGenetics, fibromyalgia sufferers have fewer chemokines and cytokines in their blood. As a result, they have weaker immune systems than normal patients.

This new blood test (FM/a) has the potential to uncover the altered immunology of fibromyalgia patients in an objective and diagnostic way. This could eliminate the uncertainty and speculation around the fibromyalgia diagnosis. This great leap forward in scientific research, and several other recent breakthroughs (Ohio State & New York), could mean a much more accurate understanding of fibromyalgia, and speedier detection and treatment. “Having a reliable blood marker will do more than validate us as patients. It will open a field of dreams and possibilities for researchers compassionate about defining this horrible disorder,” said Celeste Cooper, a fibromyalgia sufferer and patient advocate.

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Many of our clients who suffer with fibromyalgia find themselves struggling to prove to their insurance companies that their illness is real and debilitating. A diagnostic test like FM/a could help to satisfy an insurer’s definition of disability, and provide them with the evidence they often demand before they will pay long-term disability benefits.

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