Partner Lisa Kantor to Address Congressional Committee About Effective Eating Disorder Treatment

On April 12, Lisa Kantor will join other eating disorder activists in Washington, D.C. to lobby Congress to pass the FREED Act, H.R. 1193, the Federal Response to End Eating Disorders, a comprehensive bill that addresses eating disorder research, treatment, education and prevention. Ms. Kantor, a partner in Kantor & Kantor, will be part of a select group of panelists who will speak to a congressional committee about how U.S. institutions could change attitudes and perceptions to encourage and promote effective treatment of and recovery from eating disorders.

Most notable, Ms. Kantor will testify about insurance and health plan attempts to both construe and limit policy language in ways that deny coverage for treatment in specialized residential facilities. For example, in January some insurers completely eliminated residential treatment as a covered mental health benefit, despite clinical evidence demonstrating that residential treatment is a critical stage of comprehensive and effective treatment for many individuals suffering from eating disorders.

“This is an alarming trend that not only narrows treatment options for people suffering from eating disorders but also could put many facilities out of business,” says Ms. Kantor. “If these health insurers are successful in their attempts to undermine effective treatment for eating disorders, other health plans will follow their dubious leadership. That will life-threatening to many people seeking full recovery.”

Ms. Kantor is among only a few lawyers in the country advocating for insurer reimbursement for clients with eating disorders. She has a number of significant wins for these clients, including cases that have changed the law in California and the 9th Circuit. She is currently working with eating disorder professionals and facilities to determine what actions to take to change the insurance industry’s perception about care for eating disorders and what regulatory, legislative and class action litigation measures are necessary. Ms. Kantor has been a keynote speaker for the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals and frequently speaks to other groups about health insurance issues and eating disorders. For more information, call (877) 783-8686 or contact Ms. Kantor at

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