Ridiculous to Claim Disability Insurance Is Substitute for Gainful Employment

Social Security Disability Insurance lawyers Charles Martin and Debra Shifrin got it right in their recent editorial published in The Hill’s Congress Blog, “Distorting the Truth About Disability Insurance.” Their article addressed recent findings that SSDI enrollments outnumber the amount of jobs created and the implication that people would rather collect “free” money than work paying jobs.

The authors account for the increased enrollments in two ways: Baby-boomers are aging, and with age comes a host of disabling conditions. Also, during the past 40 years, more and more women have entered the workforce. Although medicine can’t explain why, women tend to be impacted more than men by some severely disabling conditions.

“All of our clients would rather be healthy and working as productive members of society,” write Martin and Shifrin. “After all, to collect Social Security disability insurance benefits they had to be employed for years. These folks want to work, it is just not possible for them.”

We couldn’t agree more. Anyone who disparages the necessity of SSDI — and employer-provided disability insurance which our clients depend on — most likely never suffered from a chronic, painful condition or had a family member disabled by disease. In our society, many people are defined by their occupation and a good number of social relationships are formed in the workplace or as a result of job-related interactions. For many people being forced to leave their employment is as painful as being diagnosed with a debilitating illness.

Although the system isn’t perfect, it is far from a free ride. Like Martin and Shifrin’s clients, ours are people who have run out of options. Many have diseases for which there is no cure, or the treatment creates symptoms almost as intolerable as the disease. Still, they are brave, honest, hopeful people who are grateful that their disability coverage allows them to pay their bills and support their families.

For some, it might be possible to reduce a person’s life down to all the forms, and documents and boxes of paperwork it often takes to prove that individual is disabled and qualifies for benefits. We never do. The case we are working on today is just as important as the first disability case we ever won. And the client who walks in our door tomorrow, clutching his overflowing folder full of denial letters from his disability insurer, will get the same unstinting and vigorous representation we provide every client. We understand, and we can help. Call (877) 783-8686.

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