The Lupus Foundation Can Be a Priceless Resource

It seems we are handling an increasing number of Lupus cases, so we thought we would write about the illness and the organization that provides information, support and education for those who suffer from Lupus.

The Lupus Foundation works to find a cure, to advance research, to increase knowledge, to empower the community and to ensure that those living with the disease enjoy the best quality of life possible.

This organization can provide valuable information for our clients with Lupus and their families on topics that include: understanding the illness, coping with a recent diagnosis, managing Lupus and support for care partners and family. These are just a few examples of the many resources available on the Lupus Foundations’ website.

The website also offers helpful suggestions on living with Lupus and coping with the trials and difficulties that result from suffering from this disabling, chronic condition.

In addition to providing assistance with coping with Lupus, the website can also serve as a valuable resource if you choose to make a disability claim.  If you are diagnosed with Lupus and the symptoms and side effects of the medications to treat it becomes disabling and if you have a private or employer-provided disability plan and you chose to make a claim for benefits, this group’s website can be a valuable resource for you in researching how to prove your condition and its symptoms are disabling.

Often this information would not be needed unless your initial claim was denied and an appeal is necessary. Nonetheless, it can provide you with an understanding of the nature of your condition and the type of treatment that is considered the current standard of care.  One requirement of most disability policies is that the claimant be undergoing ongoing, appropriate treatment for the disabling condition.  This website provides information that helps you to understand exactly what type of care that is for Lupus.

For those of you with Lupus or who care about someone with Lupus, if you have not already done so, take this opportunity to visit the Lupus Foundation’s website:

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