The Importance of Neuropyschological Testing in Disability Claims Including Cognitive Impairment

If you suffer from certain medical conditions, including Multiple Sclerosis, Complex Seizure Disorder, Dementia to name just a few, you likely also suffer from cognitive impairment which can affect your ability to perform the duties of your job. If your illness, or the cognitive decline associated with that illness, makes it impossible for you to perform in your job, you might be able to access the benefits of a Long Term Disability Policy. Such policies are often provided to employees through their employer benefits plans, or might be acquired individually. If you become disabled and make a claim for disability benefits based on cognitive issues, it is extremely important to document the cognitive impairment you suffer. Neuropsychological testing is one excellent way to document that cognitive impairment.

Your neurologist may order this testing as a routine part of your care. If that has happened, you should consider using the test results as part of the evidence you provide to your disability insurer. If that has not already happened, we strongly recommend you get this testing done to support your claim. Note that if your neurologist orders the testing as part of your treatment and care, your medical insurance may cover the cost, which is high. If, however, you have the testing done on your own or through your attorney, insurance most likely will not cover the cost as it is forensic testing – testing to provide evidence.

Not all neuropsychologists understand the intricacies of documenting cognitive impairment to support a disability claim. Make certain that the neuropsychologist you see has a good reputation and plenty of experience performing the testing and preparing comprehensive written reports.

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