The Insurance Company Must Consider the Effects of Your Medication in a Disability Claim

Our client, Mrs. Kay, was a customer service representative for a large payroll company and enjoyed excellent performance reviews for several years. Unfortunately, she developed carcinoid cancer and the disease and strong medications she was prescribed prevented her from performing her occupation. Her disease and pain rendered her totally disabled form her job. Mrs. Kay submitted a disability claim to Prudential, which was initially approved, but later terminated.
We prepared an appeal and submitted evidence to Prudential in the form of MRIs, x-rays, and medical records from her doctors, regarding her complex physical condition. We also provided information on the effects of the heavy narcotic medication and how that medication interfered with our client’s ability to perform her occupation.

Prudential engaged in lengthy requests for evidence. We gathered and provided that evidence, and argued Prudential must reverse their denial of benefits. Ultimately, Prudential determined that while her doctors may not have described in detail the effects of her medication, Mrs. Kay was in fact disabled and entitled to disability benefits, as well as a waiver of premium payments on her life insurance during her period of disability.

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