UNUM Backs Down and Agrees to Pay Long Term Disability Benefits

Our client is a 38 year old Project Manager diagnosed with Dercum’s Disease. On August 22, 2006 she underwent surgery, with complications, to remove a Lipoma (benign tumor) from her left lateral posterior hip. After surgery she suffered from severe left sided low back pain radiating down her leg. She was diagnosed with Lipomas Disease (aka Dercum’s Disease), Peripheral Nerve Entrapment and Cluneal Nerve Neuralgia due to Superior Cluneal Nerve injury. The National Organization for Rare Disorders has recognized Decum’s Disease as a chronic long lasting condition with limited treatment options.

At the time of her diagnosis our client had been working as Project Coordinator and Manager for the Cisco Network for 10 years. As a Project Coordinator and Manager, she had been responsible for managing moderately complex, larger-scale business projects, was responsible for establishing project plans and timelines and delegated work to other project team members.

On appeal, we submitted evidence that demonstrated that Unum had simply been searching for evidence to justify a termination of the claim. We pointed out that Unum had ignored our client’s own treating physicians’ opinions, the Functional Capacity Evaluations and the effects of the powerful drugs that our client had to take for her symptoms and conditions.

Our appeal was successful and our client was reinstated to her Plan, with payment of full back and future benefits

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