Unum Bad Faith Practices

A resident of Michigan has filed a Long term Disability lawsuit against Unum, one of the largest insurers in the country with a 16.2 percent market share. Unum got there by being a leader in the insurance industry. But the company has come under fire in recent years amidst allegations of bad faith practices of denial. It is a common theme amongst insurers and something we discussed here on the Kantor & Kantor blog last week in our entry “ERISA: Guilty Until Proven Innocent.”.

In this case, the plaintiff is an owner and operator of an auto parts business. He was diagnosed with chronic depression that required hospitalization and was declared permanently disabled and unable to work by two independent psychiatrists.

The bad faith insurance lawsuit claims that Unum commenced LTD payments in 2009 upon the plaintiff’s release from the hospital, only to abruptly stop benefits in 2013, claiming the plaintiff was not, in Unum’s view, disabled and thus could duly perform the duties of his occupation. The plaintiff’s appeal to Unum, in spite of sound medical evidence, was not successful.

You can see a copy of the plaintiff’s Long term disability lawsuit here: Case No. 1:15-cv-00238-GJQ, in the US District Court for the Western District of Michigan, Southern Division.

We appeal denials and file lawsuits like this all throughout the state of California; and not just against Unum. Almost every week we appeal or sue MetLife, Aetna, Liberty Mutual, CIGNA, LINA, Reliance Standard or other long term disability companies for what we believe were wrongful or bad faith denials of our clients’ claims.

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