What Happens During the Investigation Of My Disability Claim? Yes, they can interview your neighbor, follow your Facebook postings, and a lot more…

Have you ever wondered what happens during the investigation of your long-term disability (LTD) claim? Be aware that surveillance techniques can be utilized at any time by a Claims Administrator during the initial claims administration, and even after benefits have been approved. We frequently see surveillance applied by the Claims Administer the day of a clients’ IME (independent medical examination) or FCE (functional capacity examination). In addition to surveillance during medical exams, you may be followed in everyday situations- walking to your car, taking the trashcans out, running errands, or participating in an activity. Your Facebook postings/pictures that describe you engaging in an activity will also be copied if they are public. You should understand that the Claims Administrator can use this information against you to argue that you are not disabled.

If you participate in the social media world, you should know that a new Facebook search tool has been released (Graph Search) that allows one to search Facebook’s huge amount of data to get consolidated results. Although users should only be able to search for content that has already been shared with them, we still advise you to take a moment to look at your Facebook privacy settings to make sure things you share don’t inadvertently show up in search. Such information can easily be misconstrued and taken out of context by Claims Administrators during your LTD claim process. Quite often, information on social media sites is from years past, before a disabling disease or event, but don’t put yourself in the position of having to try and prove that to your insurance company.

Protect your privacy…check your Facebook settings!

In order to protect your privacy and limit what information you will share with others, start by clicking the lock icon in the top right corner of your Facebook page:

1. Next, click “see more settings.”
2. This will take you to the privacy settings page where you can click on the “edit” option to modify “who can look up your timeline by name.”
3. In the drop down box choose”Friends” and close. This means only people who are “friends” with you on Facebook can search for you!

For detailed privacy instructions, click here.

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